Bryant Park Studios, NYC


MDC recognizes that the key to successfully acquiring properties in the current market it the ability to move quickly and decisively.  Accordingly, its in-house professionals have the ability to perform their due diligence process in a short timeframe, maintaining a thorough review of all deal aspects while compacting the timeframe through increased, time-conscious effort.  MDC sources potential deals through an extensive network of brokers, owners, professionals and associates.  Prospective transactions that meet MDC's acquisition criteria are pursued aggressively, however the company is well aware of its reputation and responsibility to close transactions as represented by its offer and does not re-trade deals.

In addition to its principals' equity, MDC has longstanding relationships with high net worth individuals, investment funds, institutions and hedge funds, all of whom invest alongside the company in deals that fit within their respective parameters.  Of equal importance, MDC has direct access to the favorable debt providers required to close deals in today's fast paced market.


Acquisition Criteria

While the company will always maintain its trademark opportunistic style, the following represents the core of MDC's deal flow:
  Stabilized and Value Added Office $5 - $100 million  
  Stabilized and Value Added Regional Malls $15 - $150 million  
  Opportunistic Office and Industrial Corporate Dispositions $5 - $200 million